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About Us

We are a family owned Jack Russell breeder located in the beautiful Tennessee mountains. I want to introduce my family to you , we are all born and raised here in Dayton, Tennessee. I am Ronnie Suttles (53), My wife Donna Suttles (48), My daughter Tiffany Bishop (29), My granddaughter Chloe (5) and my grandson Kyler (4).


We all do our part in making sure the Jack Russell Terriers are raised with all the medical, social, love, playing, tender loving care and attention we hope they need. We have acres of land we raise them on. They all have a large play area and the mothers and puppies have a custom built facility with all the luxuries a dog could have. They are not just our family, but they are also our BEST FRIENDS.

I was raised on a farm in Dayton Tennessee and at the age of 5 started caring for cats, cows, pigs, horses , chickens and dogs.  I have always had a dog from the Shepard cattle dogs to Doberman Pincher, Beagles, Pointers and Setters in bird dogs, Rottweiler was trained in German, English and hand signals he also was in Dog World Magazine and also Great Pyrenees. My next puppy was a Jack Russell Terrier. 

About Us

More About Us

He was given to me as a gift when he was 3 years old. Buster was his name and he became my favorite, and the best dog I have ever owned in my life. He was killed by 3 large dogs and I cried as hard as any time in my life. So my wife bought me another puppy and Colton, my nephew, said I had to name him Buster also. Well from there, I now own about 15 Jack Russell Terriers.


We give all adult dogs the 7 in 1 shots  on  yearly basis and worming, we want them healthy and happy. Our puppies are $700.00 except ones with special markings Trump, Saddle spots they are different prices.


Getting a puppy is a big step in peoples lives - it will become part of their family, their child and best friend also. We will try to help you with answering all the questions that you may have whether a Jack Russell Terrier is right for your family.


I want you to have one of our puppies if it will become part of your family.

Thank you and we hope you will become a Jack Russell owner and a pleased one at that. THIS WAS WRITTEN ABOUT 15 YEARS AGO, THEY WAS PRICED THAT THEN.

Please read my reviews from my new owners of a Jack Russell. Click Here

Our family the Suttles




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