Hey Ronnie thank you so much but Mya was worth the wait. She is so perfect and is a lover.You were right,she LOVES to have her belly rubbed.I received the
  papers  last week and wow how perfessional,Thanks again!           Florida     R.I.P Dad we miss you       Ken Smith           

Ronnie, just a note to say “Thank You” for helping us with our Jack Russell puppy.  I appreciate your time explaining how to care for the puppy and what to expect.  It  was clear to me that you and your family are committed to breeding and raising “High Quality” dogs.   When our puppy arrived it was healthy, happy and just as you  described. Feel free to pass my cell#  901- 647-3753   Keith Mathias,  Tennessee       
hanks again. Our family thanks you and yours at Walnut Grove Farms for your extended warmth and knowledge in helping us add a new addition to our family. Your place is home with us. We can tell you love dogs and especially the baby pups you raise to give to good homes. Again, thank you for the best adoption experience we have ever encountered.


Best Regards,  The Krug Family,Knoxville,TN.

Ronnie     01/10/2012

We got Reepicheep "Reep" home last night, he did well in the van with only minor car sickness. We all are in love with our new member to the family. Thank you very much for taking such good care of our pup till we got him, it is easy to see that he was loved on before he came with us. It
is also obvious that you love these dogs and don't just do it for a check.



Bluesprings Rd, Strawberry Plains, TN 3787

William Ortiz       email = wmortiz1800@netscape.net      phone = 203-243-9543          NY
comments = Hi Ron! I could not find the section to leave a review, I'm more than happy to do so if you tell me where to leave feedback. Our JRT Mojo is doing great, crazy but that's how we love him. And yes you can use my number if needed.    NY.

Hey Ronnie.  They can call me or Jessie. My# is 865-360-5024 Jessie# 423-839-8660. here are a couple pics of Virgil.  We are very happy with him.  
Thank you,  Roxanne

Mr. Suttles,
I would like to take the time to personally thank you for such a wonderful experience in obtaining my Jack Russell Terrier "Maia".  Its very apparent that you do an outstanding job in breeding and raising quality Jack Russell Terrier's as my puppy "Maia" has been a very welcomed member to the family. My visit to your Kennel there in Tennessee was a very welcomed one and allowed me to see first hand what great care and love your puppies receive prior to going to their new homes. I don't know how you are able to let any of them go as they were all so loving and energetic.

From the time I got "Maia" home she never ceased to amaze me at how intelligent she was at just a young puppy of only 8 weeks old. She was practically already "House Trained" with no extra effort on my part. She's very sociable with other pup's and so affectionate!  What she didn't already know it didn't take long for her to learn. She very open to training and participates and comprehends very well. She's already learned a few commands and again with very little time and effort on my part. She's by far the best pet I've EVER had and I look forward to the long enjoyable fun future her and I will share. Again thank you for a smooth informative transition and process. You are a true breed who obviously has a passion and love for the work you do and it shows in the quality of puppies you breed. I'd recommend you a hundred times over to anyone who's looking for a Jack Russell that's fun, loving, intelligent, and just all around a joy to have in the family.  I couldn't be any happier!  Thank you! A+++++ Breeder!



Everett Hopkins

Charleston, SC

On New Years Eve 2009 are precious Maty, sweet Miniature Schnauzer, went to doggie heaven and our family was devastated – she would have been 15 years old on January 9. Our home was so lonely without her, we decided that we had to fill that void – we began looking for Miniature Schnauzer breeders on the internet and found Ronnie Suttles, in Dayton, Tennessee – I immediately gave Ronnie a call and told him my sad story, he was very kind and ready to help. Ronnie had a beautiful white Miniature Schnauzer puppy that was the smallest of her siblings, she weighted approximately 2 pounds.  Quiet ironically, this puppy had been born on January 9, which would have been Maty’s fifteenth birthday.  It was obvious that she had been well cared for and I fell in love immediately.  She came to live with us in Richmond, Kentucky on February 27, and has once again put life and happiness back in our home.

If you are looking for a loving, playful, and intelligent companion, the Miniature Schnauzer’s is the one to have – they do not shed and are easy to train.  They make the perfect companion. Ronnie has the ideal arrangements for all his animals, in a clean healthy environment.  I could not be more pleased.

Thank you so very much for the cutest puppies ever. They are full of life and certainly make our lives much happier!!! This was my first experience purchasing a puppy and the experience couldn't have been better. Ronnie kept in contact the entire month while waiting for our puppies to arrive by e-mail and sending pictures to see how much they had grown since I purchased them. I would definitely recommend Ronnie to anyone I knew who wanted a puppy. :o)

Reliable,trustworthy and certainly exceeded my expectations as far as the service....not to mention these Schnauzer puppies could not be any more beautiful!!!

Thanks again!!!
Ondrea Bayes Ypsilanti, Michigan

Ronnie,                          05-25-2010
Thank you so much for the puppy! He's absolutely adorable and such a sweetheart. Thank you for all your help and providing us with all the information we need on the puppy. Please feel free to have anyone contact me by my email ashley.adele@hotmail.com or cell 612-481-8192 for a reference.




Bloomington, MN

I just wanted to thank you again for such a pleasant transaction in purchasing "Jonah" from you. He's settled in very nicely here and I am absolutely in love. Even though it's only been a few days, I can tell that he is going to be an incredible pet, because he already is! He's already learned two obedience commands (sit, lie down) and is just so smart. Potty training is going incredibly well too. Please be sure to forward my e-mail and phone number to anyone who needs a reference. I'll be sure to keep in touch and send you photos as the little guy grows up. :)



Carmen                 08-24-2010

Mr. Suttles                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
I wanted to compliment you on what a wonderful experience it was getting our new puppy, General, from you.  Your facility was extremely clean and all of your animals were well cared for and loved.  It was nice to be able to see the parents on site as well.  It was immediately obvious that you care deeply for your animals and that they are much more than just a business to you.  Our vet was very impressed with the health information you provided, as well, and could tell General has been well cared for prior to our bringing him home.    General has made a wonderful addition to our family and we can’t thank you enough.  He will
be loved for many years to come!

Lesia Johnson          

Arab, Alabama        08-10-2010                    

HEY  RONNIE  I just wanted to thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to raise and love one of your puppies. Ciel (pronounced keel which mean "from Heaven" in French) is such a sweet heart. He's such a smart, loving, funny, energetic dog. I can't believe he's only 2 months old and is already walking/following me WITHOUT a leash. He is also already potty trained. He stays inside and does his business on the pee pee pads that I had bought for him and the funny thing is is that I didn't even have to train him. He just knew!  I HIGHLY recommend doing business with Ronnie from what happened with my situation in trying to adopt a puppy from him. I had sent Ronnie a money order but when Ciel was of age to be flown out to San Fransico,  California (where I live) he had not recieved it yet. So he asked me to go to Walmart and wire the money to him and when he recieved the money order in the mail he would return it back to me. I was kind of iffy about the whole thing but at the same time I wanted so much to get Ciel. And I'm so glad that I went through with it! A couple of days later I picked up Ciel at SFO airport. He was the most precisous thing I have ever seen! A day after I had picked Ciel up from the airport I recieved the money order back that I had sent
to Ronnie. He is really a man of his word!

Don't worry about Ciel, he is being so spoiled and showered with gifts and love everyday.
Thank you so much for everything Ronnie! If anyone has any questions or concerns about Ronnie (which you shouldn't) feel free to email me.
avilachristine@gmail.com   Here are some pictures of my Babyboy Ciel. I'll be sure to send you more. :)
THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!    Christine Avila      San Francisco, California.             avilachristine@gmail.com
Ronnie,         Thank you so much for all the help in getting Milo to us safe, sound and ready to be loved. He is everything you said and more. Your professional direction in terms of what to expect and how to best care for him is much appreciated. I had shopped MANY sources before deciding that your family was THE best source for a JRT. I will recommend you to anyone who asks about the best place to go for a JRT. As impressive as Milo is I am sure we will get a LOT of Questions about where he came from.
Thanks again for all the joy you bring to the world.

Dale Ledbetter, Esq.  Ledbetter & Associates, P.A.  333 North New River Drive East   Suite 1500  Fort Lauderdale, FL  33301  954/635-5759


Dear Ronnie and Donna:

We are so happy with our new JRT puppies purchased 5/18/2013! They are the second set of pups that we purchased from you and are shaping up to be just as loveable as the first two!  We find your pups to be fairly easy to train and they are ready to be handled and loved. We have not encountered any of the "hyper" activity that people warned us about with JRTs. Instead, we have experienced smart pups who are eager to please and be loved. I took the new babies to the vet this week for their 8 week shots and health check. I also took our remaining JRT from the first two we purchased three years ago. he vet told me to "hold on that breeder" because "he has great bloodlines and knows his dogs."  Everyone is in excellent health with not even any worms or other puppy problems.

The love and devotion that you have for these animals is evident in the temperment of the dogs we have acquired from y ou. I recommend you to anyone who is interested in a Jack Russel for a pet!
Peter and Diane O'Brien
Lawrenceville, GA

Hi Ronnie
I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for breeding such wonderful pups!!  We got a male puppy from you back in June, from Sadie's litter, and I can't even tell you how happy he's made us.  He's doing so well, he is so healthy!  At his first check-up the vet warned me that he'd probably come back positive for puppy worms, but she was very pleasantly surprised to find Mack as clean as a whistle and the picture of good health.  He's a favorite at the vet's office, he just finished up all his puppy visits and is now a fully-vaccinated member of society.  We're giving him the Heartguard tablets every month, and we kept up with the Nemex II like you suggested, and he also gets a puppy vitamin every day.  Which, it is a huge relief that he is such a healthy little guy, because I have fallen completely in love with him and don't know what I ever did without him.  He is just such a joy, he brings a smile to everybody's face that sees him.


Our 2 year old beagle treated him like her own puppy when we brought him home, and now they are thick as thieves.  My kids just love letting him chase them in the yard or throwing his toys for him to go fetch.  He has just stolen all of our hearts with his curious little face and his funny expressions.  I don't ever get tired of throwing things and watching him march back to me with them, he just cracks me up.  And training him has been so surprisingly easy.  I think he speaks English.  He just tilts his head up at me when I talk, and then follows my directions.  As far as puppies go, Mack is so easy!!!  We've just really clicked, me and Mack, he just always seems to know what I want and he talks to me with his little expressions.  I swear he's part human, he's just my best little friend and he is always there to make me laugh.  Thank you so much, you clearly take very good care of your dogs, they are lucky to have you!  Tell Sadie to rest assured, her baby is so loved by his new family.
The Spragues
Colleen, Nate and the kids

    Our family thanks you and yours at Walnut Grove Farms for your extended warmth and knowledge in helping us add a new addition to our family. Your place is beautiful, the puppies were all very clean and healthy! We couldn't have asked for a more suitable place for an anticipated puppy to be born and weened to go home with us. We can tell you love dogs and especially the baby pups you raise to give to good homes. Again, thank you for the best adoption experience we have ever encountered.
Best Regards,
The Krug Family
Knoxville, TN

Hey Mr. Ronnie, I hope ya'll are doing good. We are great! Our baby boy is such a little blessing. He has helped us so much. Our family doesn't feel so incomplete. We will always miss our Beau but Buddy helps us remember all the happy times we had with him. Buddy isn't perfect he is still potty training & loves to bite. We are ready for those baby teeth to be gone. But he has the sweetest spirit & is so tender hearted. He is one spoiled baby boy & o my is he a mommas boy. He is one step behind me at all times. I can get him to do more than anyone else. Everyone adores him! Kyle is just eat up with him. I was afraid he wouldn't accept him like Beau but I think he is crazier about Buddy if that is possible. The girls just adore their new baby. Bailey & him rough house all the time. I think she has lost weight (she needed to that little fat cat). He gets so excited when he sees his grandparents (my parents). I thought my mom was going to cry when we came back from vacation & Buddy was so happy to see her it reminded her of how Beau would be when he saw her.


He met my brother for the 1st time last week & he was so excited to meet Rob he peed on hisself. LOL Don't worry about him he is getting LOTS of LOVE. Kyle bought him a john deere collar. I said yea you don't love him a bit. Every time someone goes to the store they come home with something for lil Buddy. He has learned to sit & I am working on laying down then I will move on to more tricks. Well got to go check on lil one he is attacking Bailey :) O by the way we didn't get his papers should we have them by now? Ya'll take care! I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR OUR BLESSING!! GOD BLESS YA'LL! Becky  06/27/2015

Hello Mr. Suttles,  08/19/2015       Thank you very much for breeding and raising Jack Russell terriers!  They are wonderful animals.  I had a Jack Russell (named Jack) for 16 1/2 years until he passed away in 2012.  It completely broke my heart and took me a long time to speak about him without crying.  He was the best dog.  He was energetic, smart, funny and a great protector of our family.  He loved us and much as we loved him.  I wouldn't even consider getting another dog.

I have 3 boys who loved and missed their dog Jack.  They were wanting another Jack Russell to love.  It took some time to convince me.  I finally said I would investigate about getting another Jack Russell.  When I started looking, they were hard to find.  My son came across your information and we checked out your website.  It was warm, inviting and looked like you loved Jack Russell's as much as we did.  I called and my heart leaped.  When I found out I could come see your Jack Russell's, I came as quickly as I could.  I met you and you were so kind and friendly. We went around back and I saw a puppy that looked so much like my Jack.  I almost cried.  You told me I could see him and that he was for sale.


We went to go see that little puppy that looked so much like my Jack and I met "Tiny" the little runt of the litter.  He was so stinking cute and I bent down and he ran to me and chewed on my finger.  I knew I had to have this sweet dog. Plus, my Jack was the runt of his litter! So, I left with "Tiny" and headed home.  He slept the whole way in my lap until I got home.  I got him out and showed him to my husband.  He said he is so small but cute!  You fall instantly in love with his sweet face.  We surprised our boys and their reaction was priceless.  They have played, snuggled and loved all over "Tiny".  They thought hard about a name and have decided he will be "Biscuit".  He came right away to the name "Biscuit" when they called for him.  He is the best dog!  We love him so much.  He is such a sweet dog who loves to play and snuggle.  You cannot help but smile when you see him.  Thank you so much for doing what you do!  He has brought so much joy into our family in such a short time.  Our family loves our new addition!

I would recommend you to anyone who wants a Jack Russell terrier.  I doubt there is another breeder out there that loves these animals like you do.  I saw it was hard on you to let me take Biscuit but I think you knew I already loved him and he was in good hands.  You care so much about these great animals and it shows.  Everything was so clean and organized and you could see the love you have in raising these great dogs. Thank you so much for doing that!!  Thank you again and again for this precious puppy!  We love him so much!!
Thank you!!

Karen Hall